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May 18, 2022 8:25 PM

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What are the benefits of Olive Oil, & why i use it in my soaps

Is olive oil a good moisturizer for your Skin?

For example, people have used vitamin E oil topically throughout history to treat a variety of skin conditions, including psoriasis and eczema.
Olive oil

Olive Oil has long been championed as a remedy for hair and skin, even in ancient civilisations. Its antioxidant rich properties are renowned for nourishing, cleansing, moisturising and protecting skin against environmental and free radical damage. Olive oil contains the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. these vitamins may be beneficial for the skin. Please check out my 100% olive oil range.

Applied to the skin, Olive Oil provides vitamins and fatty acids which leave skin soft, supple and protected. Ease eczema, psoriasis & more. Nutrient-rich olive oil also contains a highly anti-inflammatory compound called oleocanthal. In fact, its anti-inflammatory action has been compared to that of Ibuprofen. As such, castile soap can help reduce inflammation – the source of many of our most bothersome skin conditions.

What is Olive Oil Soap?

Many natural soap bars contain Olive Oil as a base ingredient due to its deeply moisturising and nourishing properties. Olive Oil can also be used as a pure body oil, hair treatment or natural soap which can help to relieve dry skin and soften wrinkles. Olive Oil soap is considered to be one of the best treatments for dry skin as its moisturising properties help to soften the skin texture, hold moisture and nourish it without interfering with natural skin function. Olive Oil soap is a suitable natural body wash for those with sensitive or dry skin as it has a lower pH than most ‘mainstream’ soaps that can be made from foaming agents, petroleum oil or animal fats which can be drying and irritate the skin. It is also considered to be the most mild of all soaps.


100% Olive Oil Soap commonly known as Castile.

In its simplest definition, Castile soap is soap made from vegetable oil. It originated from the Castile region of Spain and originally made from pure olive oil. Today Castile soaps are primarily olive oil based, but can also contain differing amounts of plant oils such as argan, neem, coconut, palm, hemp and jojoba. I do however include a 100% pure olive oil range in my collection.

Castile soaps do not contain any animal by products or synthetic detergents. There are many different labels each having different properties depending on formulations. However the base being castile or vegetable based oils all promote the same benefits.  Outstanding range of soaps with superb moisturising properties.

Aleppo soap (or Savon d’Alep, if you’re French) is, of course, soap: the stuff you wash with. It’s a hard soap made from olive oil, like Castile soap from Spain.
Aleppo Soap

Why is Aleppo soap environmentally friendly?

Unlike commercial soaps that rely on SLS and fragrances to create soapy lather and scent, Castile Soap’s bubbles are from saponins in the natural oils and it’s scents from essential oils. These natural ingredients break down in the environment much more easily than other soaps and detergents. The simple nature of the soap means lesser impact due to reduced waste stream during manufacture. It’s properties also allows it to washed away more easily means saving precious water when washing and cleaning.

Castile Soaps are good for all skin types, especially for sensitive and dry skin. When the soap is made, glycerine is retained unlike in most commercial soaps where it is removed. Glycerin in the natural oils moisturizers and hydrates the skin. It is perfect not just for grown ups but for babies and children too. Natural and Safe. Castile soap actually opens pores, unclogging them and allowing for a deeper clean. People with severe acne have reported that using Castile soap has allowed for their pores to be gently unclogged reducing acne breakouts and the occurrence of blackheads. It has also been known to be effective for those with eczema. The best soap that anyone can use!

The origins of Castile soap go back to the Levant, where Aleppo soap-makers have made hard soaps based on olive and laurel oil for millennia. It is commonly believed that the Crusaders brought Aleppo soap back to Europe with them in the 11th century, based on the claim that the earliest soap made in Europe was just after the crusades, but in fact the Romans in the first century AD knew about soap and Zosimos of Panopolis ca. 300 AD described soap and soap-making. Following the Crusades, production of this soap extended to the whole Mediterranean area.Early soap-makers in Europe did not have easy access to laurel oil and therefore dropped it from their formulations, thereby creating an olive-oil soap now known as Castile soap.

Allepo, Castile soap conclusion

Castile soap is a non-toxic, biodegradable soap traditionally made from olive oil. It lathers and cleans just like “normal” soap but without all the toxic chemicals Castile soap is most likely the closest relative to the very first soap ever made. The ancient beauty queen, Cleopatra, demanded a better way to bathe, so her people created soap using oil from plants and plant ash. Gentle cleanse without the toxins. Virtually all soaps use toxic sulphates to get that lather we’re all accustomed to, but castile soap lathers naturally no chemicals necessary. Most soaps are nothing more than strong drying agents, but castile soap actually cleanses and protects thanks to oleuropein a compound with potent antibacterial effects. Safe for sensitive skin. Since castile soap is made from safe, simple plant oils, it is considered safe for even the most sensitive skin types. Smooth and soothe dry, irritated skin. Plant oils, especially olive oil, are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. These healthy fats help replenish the water level within the epidermis, resulting in supple, glowing skin. Plus, it doesn’t strip your skin’s natural oils, so no worries about dry, flaky skin.


Himalayan Pink Salt Soap,What are the benefits?

Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan salt is rock salt (halite) mined from the Punjab region of Pakistan Himalayan salt is one of the purest salts that are gifted by nature to us. It is extracted from Khewra salt mines, located near the foothills of Himalayan Mountains in the north region of Pakistan. It is free from any contamination and does not contain any additives. Health benefits of Himalayan salt this all natural salt contains 84 essential minerals and trace elements that are beneficial for the skin in so many different ways. Himalayan salt added to soap provides nutrients to the skin but also acts as a powerful detoxifier. Because the salt beds were covered by lava, ice, and snow for millions of years, Himalayan salt is free of many modern-day pollutants.

Great skin Detoxifier

Himalayan salt has excellent detoxifying properties. It draws out all the toxins and pollutants out of the skin and leaves it all clean and soft. This healing all-natural mineral-infused into soap will leave you feeling revitalized and relaxed. Well-hydrated skin is the sign of healthy skin that glows naturally. Himalayan salt keeps the skin hydrated along with all the minerals to make your skin look fresh and young. Imbalanced skin pH can cause skin breakouts and acne. Himalayan salt can prevent this by balancing the pH level of the skin and also tones the skin. Salt bars must be formulated differently in order to not crumble because of the salt. This insures that they have a higher super fat content. Skin is not stripped, but gently exfoliated and nourished at the same time.

Himalayan Salt or Halite Bars

I use only high quality substantially harvested Pink Himalayan salt
Halite Bars

Works great for oily Acne prone skin

Acne is a very common problem especially among teenagers which is basically caused by increased sebum secretion. You can use Himalayan salt for acne. It is an amazing thing to fight acne and reduce acne spots to make your skin clear. Some people have seen amazing results with their acne after switching to a natural salt bar. I believe this is a result of all of the benefits listed so far. The salt helps to gently exfoliate the skin, while detoxing and helping to balance the oils. By its regular use, you will notice the visible reduction in your acne and dark spots. It also helps in treating other skin conditions. Notice: if you have outbroken skin the salt in the soap may cause a stinging feeling. With regular use, these salt soap bars will help treat and manage various problematic skin types.  Pure mineral salts deeply cleanse pores, nurtures skin, and restores a healthy balance to unhealthy skin.  They eliminate itching and irritation while moisturizing skin.  Even more, they help reduce redness and inflammation caused by dry skin and chronic skin disorders.  Those with problematic skin will enjoy the many wonderful benefits of this great soap

I have formulated a fantastic range of Himalayan salt bar soaps for my collection, the salt bars are one of my favourite all time soap’s, I carefully source beneficial botanical clays, as well as activated charcoal to induce even greater healthier benefits into this truly amazing soap, an all time favourite among my family and friends. Salt bar soaps are a harder, longer lasting bar with fantastic creamy lather and bubbles. if you have never used a Himalayan salt soap before i recommend you give them a try, i craft them in two sizes a small and large size.